Branka Milosevic

Research assistant


Branka Milosevic was born on 28.1.1993. in Belgrade, Serbia, where she finished primary school and gymnasium. In 2011 she started studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, and she graduated in 2016 at the Department of Electronics with an average grade of ?84.00%. Her Bachelor thesis was on the subject “???”. She finished Master studies in 2017 with an average grade of 100%, and her master thesis was on the subject “Development of Distributed Wireless Sensor Network for Carbon Monoxide Concentration Measurement”. In November 2017 she started PhD studies in Electronics at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis.

She is working at the Institute of Physics since September 2017 as a Research Assistant. Currently, she is working on TR-32024 project named “Reconfigurable, multiband and scanning antennas based on metamaterials for wireless communications and sensors”, which is funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technical Development. She is also participant in bilateral project between Serbia and Montenegro named “5G-RECTenna: Harvesting and conversion of microwave energy for sensor networks”.

Her main research topic is related to RF energy harvesting and its use in powering sensors in wireless sensor networks.

She is author and co-author of several papers published on national and international conferences.